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Why We Eat Chicken for Christmas2 min read

Chapter 1

  1. And it came to pass that they first met at the high priest’s house before the arrest and death of Christ. And then, it was known as Easter afterwards which marked His death and resurrection
  2. After Peter had denied Jesus three times, the cock crowed and he remembered the words Jesus had told him about his denial. He went away from there and cried bitterly about denying Jesus. And on his way home he saw the cock crossing the road
  3. And it happened that it was already mid-day when he had followed the cock to it roosting place.  The cock was shocked to see Peter come by its place and it crowed again
  4. “Have you come to slice me like you did Malchus?” the cock asked Peter.  “Why did you crow to remind me of denying my Lord?” Peter asked
  5. Upon being asked the question, the cock took to flight and ran away from home before Peter could grab it
  6. Peter became furious and waited for the cock to come back but it didn’t. Then, it happened that the cock’s wife, chicken had just come back from the market with corn
  7. He caught the chicken with eggs, left a note for the cock threatening to deep-fry her if anything happened to Christ, and then took her home to make the cock come to him
  8. The time came that Peter held the chicken captive until she laid her eggs. And Jesus was later crucified and then He died on the cross
  9. Peter became enraged and killed the chicken for Easter to teach the cock a lesson but kept the eggs. “Peter, Peter, for Christ’s sake, why do you persecute me? Don’t you know that Christ dies for the whole world?” the cock asked
  10. “You made me feel bad. And for being a ‘chicken’, your family has paid the price. Your unhatched children and beyond will also be used for Christmas and Easter celebration henceforth”
  11. And since then, the cock has always crowed to remember his family and what Peter did.

Christmas Chicken

christmas chicken

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