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Where did creativity really begin?

“In the beginning God created…”

This is my favorite line when it comes to doing new things. It takes creativity to create.

In the beginning the universe was created and everything in it. Everything and anything we will ever need is available.

‘Everything in life is connected’ and you may be wondering how it’s all related. Well, creativity is that connection.

The universe is a system where everything simply connects. Every component is as important as the other and we may not understand this until a seemingly unimportant component is missing. Kill all bees because they sting and pollination won’t take place. And when pollination doesn’t take place plants die. Then when plants die, animals and humans will not have food. You know what’s next…

Just like the human body system everything works in sync. When you are down with cold it affects your throat, which can affect your respiration and also cause pain in the ear. When the left part of the brain doesn’t get blood supply the right side of the body paralyzes. Similarly it can also cause speech problems. It’s all connected!

Most disasters occur today because we did not see them from the beginning and now we have to manage them.

Ever heard that the universe will bring it to you? Well, same matter the universe is made of is what we’re composed of too! The universe is us and we are the universe. It’s no surprise that a simulated picture of our beautiful Galaxy, our brains, and how the atoms interconnect look so much alike!

Even though creativity is often associated mostly with the creative industries and arts it’s way beyond that. It’s beyond making classical music, the Mona Lisa painting, and the statue of David. Shakespeare used in his plays, Leonardo da Vinci applied it in inventing, in mathematics, architecture etc. That’s how he did all these seemingly unrelated stuff.

Where creativity plays

It takes creativity to start anything worthwhile.

It takes creativity to strategize war (not so good) and business plans.

That’s what it takes to lead a company, an organization, and a country. Leadership thrives on creativity and people perish in anguish for lack of it.

Seeing what the future looks like and efficiently planning to accommodate what is not presently seen or envisaged takes that. To see and create the future brought us from the stone age to the present digital/information age and same will take humanity to the next age.

‘Code is Poetry’ is the tagline of WordPress… How sweet!

To be resourceful and also productive even in recession takes more than the regular.

You can’t advertise and sell a product without it. It takes creativity to put together a presentation and deliver it from start to finish and make people see what you see.

Creativity is what it takes to do and dare what others don’t. That’s what it takes to take consequential risks that pay off in the end because you see the outcome in your head.

It takes creativity to live life effectively and to the fullest. In the first place how do you think relationships lasts? You’ll get stuck with boredom and continue an unending loop of routine if you don’t find something new to bring in.

More roles…

It takes a different point of view to see problems as challenges and then try to solve them.

Cooking ideas and turning them into something tangible to benefit humanity needs it.

I marvel when drivers course their way round complex road maps without using guides and arrive destination in a shorter time without following the regular routes – that is what it takes.

Music, acting, writing, architecture, advertising, radio, TV, animation, and video games production all have creativity at their core. These are some of the areas where creativity is closely and mostly associated. And so is every other skill, talent, gift, and potential with true value.

Whatever you want to do, be, and have it takes creativity. And the best part is that it can be developed!

Not everyone harnesses this force for good though. The atomic bomb is a product of negative creativity. Hacking systems and sliding unnoticed takes creativity in the opposite direction.

It is by creativity the world was created and it is same creativity that has, and will sustain. and tend it if we use it constructively. Let’s create!

We see it in action, use it and it’s all around us even if we don’t know or admit that it’s there.

With creativity you see and make the connection. From connecting and balancing personal, social life with work, to family life and everything in between…

From simple acts like planting a tree, and drawing a stick figure, to building the next rocket heading to Mars, to harnessing the next source of clean energy…and except you produced the device you’re using to read this…

Creativity began from the very start with God imagining what He wanted to create. And you have all that potential in a condensed universe between your ears. Use it for good. So how do you start?

“Imagination is the beginning of Creation” – George Bernard Shaw.

Begin to create something today with your imagination.

I choose to unleash mine via what I do and more as I generate futuristic ideas.

How do you want to use creativity today? The hardest and most important part is beginning. Begin now!

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