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Hello, first time here? Welcome! I’ve been expecting you; yes you. I’ve got lots of awesome stuff to show and also share with you.

You’ve walked across the internet yard and unto the ‘doormat’ of my ‘guest house’ so come right in.

First time or not, get comfy and look around as I give a tour of the house, and what to expect as things get exciting from business to personal and everything in-between.

My name is Kingsley and I have been oftentimes asked, “how did you come about the name NeuroKing?”
I’ve always been awed by the condensed universe between the ears and wanted to study to become a neuropsychologist but took up chemistry so I carved the name from neuropsychology and my first name Kingsley.

What could be better than studying the brain if not positively unleashing its full capacity to impact the world?

And that’s what this ‘house’ is also about – showing and helping to unleash the capacity to make impact through four (4) areas which are the major rooms of the house:

  • Creativity
  • Motivation
  • Wisdom and
  • Humour


Welcome to creativity. This is the master room in the house where unlikely things connect to bring into being new ones.

In the beginning God created…”

Creativity is the beginning of life itself. Everything in existence today was once an imagination.

God could have created a ‘perfect’ world once and rested. But no; His creation is still on it’s way to perfection. And it’s a process that we’re also part of.

“The heart and soul of the company is creativity and innovation”Bob Iger.

That’s why I help individuals, businesses, and organizations to also understand the place of creativity, its huge role, and practical application.

Creativity in leadership generates new ideas to push society forward. The Stone Age didn’t phase out because humanity ran out of stones but because better ideas were birthed.

It’s our greatest resource for identifying needs/challenges and correspondingly proffering solutions to them. Creativity is the future as without it we’ll remain moribund.

The higher the Creativity Index of a society, the higher the problem-solving capacity, faster advancement, and of course, productivity of such society.

Where there’s creativity there’s equally life.

“Creativity is the bridge to reality for productivity”NeuroKing

God creates; in like manner iCreate too.


Welcome to the second room. Like having a bath and a good meal, we need motivation to reinvigorate. Taking the pill of motivation coupled with purpose will see you kicking the sheets off to pursue the life you want!

Many great talents and projects have slowly died from giving room to passivity not to mention lack of motivation. To always remember the motive why you started is to catalyze the success process.

In this room, you stand a chance of starting and finishing anything without quitting.

If you ever feel like quitting find a reason to be/do/have nothing less than what you deserve!

First name – hungry.
Last name – always

Motivation is the drive to achieve. Have a ‘why’ to start…and stay hungry!


The third room and equally one of the most important is wisdom. Even with the right ideas and motivation, without proper direction, it’s wasted effort – like driving a fast car down the wrong road.

What problem are you motivated to solve?

“Knowing what you can’t change, creatively changing the things you can and knowing the difference – is Wisdom!”

It helps you choose your challenges wisely and teaches how to go about them.

In this room, you’ll learn to make good decisions, learn lessons from experiences, and avoid wasted effort by applying the right knowledge where needed.


EMPLOYER: “Remind me to increase your pay if we do well this quarter.”

Workers get motivated to work and 3 months later…

EMPLOYEE 1: “You said you’ll increase our pay if we do well.”

EMPLOYER: (laughing hard) “Don’t be so serious. I was only joking. Get back to work.”

That’s a literal example though. But listen to Andrew Tarvin…

Humour is a powerful skill that can enhance productivity, build relationships, boost revenue improve health, and increase happiness”

It’s fun when work becomes play. Finding humour in work makes it fun-ny and easy. This is how to peak productivity.

This is the fourth room and my in-zone where I also kick back to talk about issues on a lighter note. This doesn’t mean I don’t take them as serious. Here, I also find my creative inner child and get attention to convey any message.

There is nothing more beautiful than putting smiles on faces, lightening depressed hearts, turning frowns upside down, and leaving people satisfied.

No matter how serious life is, I try to tickle a laugh out of it…keeps me going.


There are also extra rooms here and the largest of them all is the room for improvement.

Here, I also talk about other stuff that is of concern to me and the world too.

And guess what? We can’t use up all of these rooms in quintillion years to come!

How they all connect

I link and light the pathways to these rooms with witty analogies and storytelling. And this is where flame meets feu d’artifice.

Creativity needs the right motivation and wisdom to achieve success. Additionally, being able to laugh and have fun as you try the combinations to success in life is genius.


To achieve productivity and a better future by helping humans harness the power of creativity and motivation with wisdom and humour.

And this, my friend(s), is the ‘big picture’ I’ve hung on every wall in this house.

To help drive Individuals, businesses, organizations to productivity and spread the message across schools, prisons, barracks, and beyond…

Let’s talk some more in the lounge…

Why I do what I do

“You’re like light for the whole world, a city built on a hill cannot be hidden. No one lights a lamp and puts it under a bowl…” – Jesus

That’s why I shine this little light. If you know the way, shine the light. And so I look to make an impact beyond income.

“No one hides what he is doing if he wants to be well known. Since you’re doing these things let the world know about you!” (Jesus’s brothers to Jesus)

Beyond showcasing what I love doing and getting paid as an Events MC, Creative Entrepreneur/Consultant and Motivational Writer/Speaker, the purpose of this ‘house’ is to influence and impact lives. The MIC & PEN are my best tools.

“Speak up for people who cannot speak for themselves. Protect the rights of all who are helpless” (Proverbs)

I would love to make and see the world a better place so I stand for Equity and Justice! We may not all run blogs, speak from podiums or pulpits with a microphone, or even walk the streets with a megaphone to stand for what’s right but we’ve got smartphones! Broadcast truth!

Travelling around a lot is part of the job so I share experiences and my POV on issues I’m concerned about.

How I get inspired

“But it is the Spirit of Almighty God that comes to human beings and gives them wisdom. It is not growing old that makes people wise or helps them to know what is right” (Job’s friend to Job)

Asking how I do what I do is like asking a bird how it flies. It flies because it can.

Everything around has something to teach us but most importantly we must be open-minded to see and free-spirited to learn from every experience; personal or not. It can hit you anytime, anywhere; even on the toilet seat.

Just ask for wisdom…

How it concerns you and why you should care

We need creativity, motivation, wisdom, and a sense of humour to live an impactful and fun-filled life on Earth. By creativity the Earth was made, by creativity it will be sustained.

We’re humans and legitimate Earth citizens; not Martians. Stop treating Earth like it’s Uranus – Give a sh*t and let’s make the world a better place. Let’s clear the mess and leave a legacy for the next generation.

hands around earth

Nurturing the big blue ball is our collective responsibility. We have an obligation to make the world better as without it there is no us studying or watching big bang theory to make an impact.

Remember…our brain is a compact universe. If we use it to sustain the world, the world will sustain us for productivity.

What am I saying?

Simply, I’m an MC with a house on a hill shining the light of creativity, motivation, as well as wisdom with jocose to unleash capacity for impact and productivity.

Behind every piece there’s a message with a lesson, a moral to awaken, to push further, to dare to dream, to cross worlds, to make you laugh and be inspired in the sophistication of simplicity.

I’m also a NextGener, a Shift Disturber and a life enthusiast still counting my potentials on the road to self-discovery and fulfillment. I express what I truly care about, how I feel and see it. How about you?

I’m not just doing it but helping others – individuals, businesses, organizations – bridge creativity and reality for maximum productivity.

Ever wondered what blending Charlie Chaplin, Steve Rizzo, Nick Vujicic, King Solomon and Steve Jobs would taste like? This is where to get that ‘drink’.

And you’re here…

What next?

Lack of expression leads to frustration coupled with depression. Stop holding back and denying the world what you’ve got! It needs you.

Don’t just crack up or get schmaltzy without learning from every piece to show the world what you’ve got too, and come back again for more…

Hey! I’m an MC. You’re either here to request a service, get great materials, or here for both. Expect nothing short of the best in terms of service and content delivery.

Do something today! Read, learn, laugh, like, of course, share, and go happen.

Where you can also find me

I’m may not always be in the house so you can also find me on







Or equally, send an Email.

Find time to visit again as the door is always open. I hope you enjoy the poems too.

Once again welcome to the house of creativity, motivation, wisdom, and humour

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