tiger woods is back

Tiger Woods is Back!!!

Tiger Woods, the G.O.A.T finally did it!

Tiger is back in the woods! The king is back on his throne after 15 years.

  • After a 15 year struggle, Tiger Woods won his 5th Masters today in a major comeback.
  • How has your last 15 years been? Here’s what Tiger’s has looked like:
  • 2004 – After a 264-week winning streak, Tiger loses his World No.1 Golf Ranking to Vijay Singh.
  • 2007 – After his father dies, Tiger struggles to find his form, and then ruptures his ACL.
  • 2009 – Tiger has a knee operation and is out of the game for 8 months. Then he crashes his SUV into a tree and gets swept up in a media storm over his marital problems.
  • 2010 – Tiger’s multiple affairs become public, his wife Elin divorces him. He loses his major sponsors, costing $22 million in lost endorsements and causing $12 billion in shareholder losses. He goes through 45 days in a sex addiction clinic, saying “I am profoundly sorry and that I ask forgiveness.
  • 2015 – After five years unsuccessfully attempting a comeback, Tiger has a series of back surgeries, and becomes so crippled he can hardly walk, saying “It’s been a tough road. The amount of times I’ve fallen because my leg didn’t work or I just had to lay on the ground in pain for extended periods of time. Those are some really dark, dark times.
  • 2017 – After yet another back surgery, high on pain killers, he gets arrested for suspected DUI, and the media have a field day. Tiger agrees to 12-month community service.
  • 2018 – With his lower spine now surgically fused together, determined to make a comeback, Tiger makes his first playing appearance in four years, after having to learn how to swing again from scratch. Fellow golf players call him the “Walking Miracle.”
  • 2019 – Today, 14 years after his last Masters win and a year after returning to the game, Tiger wins the Masters for the 5th time. It’s his 81st PGA Tour victory, one title away from Sam Snead’s career record.

After an emotional finish, he hugs his two children, Charlie and Samantha – aged 10 and 12: It’s the first time they have witnessed their father winning a golf championship in their young lifetimes.

If you’re ever thinking of giving up, think of Tiger. If you have thought you ever messed up, you can come back again. You can fall 7 times but rise the eighth time.

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