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I am the Wild: A Poem2 min read



I am an elephant
In the wild
I do it big
Crack’em like dry twigs
Stomping my feet with loud trumpets

I am a giraffe
In the wild
I stand taller than the rest
To it, I beat the best
My love for lofty heights

I am the hippo
In the wild
Call me heavy weight
But you can’t bring me down

I am the whale
In the deep
Top of the food chain
I draw the prawns in
Dragging anchor chains along

I am the wildflower
In the wild
Not found by the wayside
To be cut for your beau

Or scenting petals for your lover’s tress
And trampl’d without value
On ice-capped mountains
Growing through rocky cracks

I am an eagle
Soaring the skies
Over mountain peaks
With keen vision I search

I am the white rhino
In the reserve
The last of my kind
Peace of mind to preserve

I am the silver-back
In the jungle
Not to boast about it
But I beat my chest to that

I am the wolf
In the wild
Lone but not lost
Finding my path through the frost

If I was a horse
I wouldn’t be tamed
Let me run wild and free
And not tied to a tree

I am the tardigrade
In the wild
I strive when others degrade
Living where others die

I am the octopus, ringed blue
It doesn’t mean I’m sad
They don’t have a clue
That I’m about to go mad

I am the lion
In the wild
A royal and bold scion
Not so mild

A wild roar
Heard by the eagles that soar
And the wild boars
Even in the valleys low

It’s a call of the wild
To be wild
To get me caged
Is to get me enraged

I am NOT common
I am NOT cheap
Priceless, I am
But I come at a cost

I am the wild
I am wild
I am free
I am me

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