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The Creative To-Do List3 min read

The creative to-do list is a list of activities to indulge in to get your creative juices up and blend creative work and play. You can also ‘marsh up’ your own list depending on what you do and how you like it. This is just an example of what a creative and re-creative to-do list looks like.

Creative To-Do List

  1. Work at your most creative hours. Mostly, night times and early hours work for me. Get to know yours. Wake up at 3:30 AM. I call these times the ‘Pentium hours’

2. Daydream. Imagine wild and wide

3. Read Broadly and Study deeply

4. Get bored. Boredom is not a bad thing. Spend time alone. Get lonely. Spend time in solitude. Get lost and find yourself

5. Have more tools (physical and mental tools). Stash lots of ideas. Perform brain dumps

  1. Re-frame problems or change the question

  2. Hang out with smart, open-minded and diverse people

  3. Think inside, outside, and without the box. Add more constraints. Bring in more boxes
    Recognize and make connections. Make mind maps

  4. Brainstorm different ideas everyday

  5. Indulge in all kinds of thinking for different purposes – creative, convergent, divergent, critical, abstract, analytical etc

  6. Invest in creativity. Do it differently or get it done differently

12. Build creative habits and productive rituals

  1. Share your ideas with others and hear their opinions

16. Do and create new stuff

  1. Meditate. Be present and mindful

  2. Change your environment. If possible, travel

  3. Find or create a necessity to solve

  4. Detach from and do without technology for a while

21. Don’t always feel the need to be logical or practical

  1. Observe things…closely

  2. Spend time in nature and spend time studying nature

24. Soliloquize. Talk to yourself. People may think you are crazy but that is how to build different characters. Have a conversation with yourself.

25. Fail, to learn and improvise

26. Let go your ego and just Be. Be Fearless

27. Question the status quo

28. Tidy your work space to focus

  1. Channel anger and sexual drives constructively

Re-Creative To-Do List

  1. Watch good movies and videos online and offline. This is also boosts creativity

31. Relax well and take power naps

  1. Count your blessings with gratitude

  2. Go out when you are tired being indoors. Network with smart, open minded and diverse people

  3. Take cold showers once in a while in the morning

35. Listen to good music. Listen to some good tunes and diversify your genre

36. Be a kid. Play with a kid. Think like a kid. Watch a kid. It will surprise you how they ‘simply’ solve problems. And you can apply same method too. Have you watched the movie IMAGINE THAT by Eddie Murphy?

37. Exercise. Your brain and body needs it

  1. Indulge in poetry

  2. Unclutter and declutter your mental, physical, and emotional space.. Leave no work undone

40. Meditate. Be present and mindful. Clear your mind and think good thoughts

41. Adopt new hobbies. Doodle. Paint. You can even do a humanitarian volunteering

42. Solve math. Play puzzle and board games

By the way have you read about Habits of Highly Creative People?

So what does your creative and re-creative to-do list look like? Write one out today if you don’t have any.

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