sustainable development goals

Sustainable Development Goals3 min read

Sustainable Development Goals are 17 universal set of goals that UN member states are expected to use to frame their agendas and political policies.

The Global Goals are all interconnected such that the achievement of one leads to the success of another and vice versa.

sustainable development goals

So, let us see how they connect and affect us directly and indirectly.

Obviously, almost all other goals to be achieved surround the goal of PEACE, JUSTICE AND STRONG INSTITUTIONS.


Peace is not just the absence of war but the presence of justice, of law, of order —in short, of government. – Albert Einstein

These virtues are based on strength of character. And these institutions have to be founded on solid incorruptible foundations.

Who worries about education in an environment of chaos and conflict?

With QUALITY EDUCATION in a peaceful environment that knows no gender or wealth disparity, sustainable development and equality can be achieved – by teaching and advocating for GENDER EQUALITY, and REDUCED INEQUALITIES.

In turn, gender equality thus eliminates the exclusion and discrimination, especially against women and girls. Of course, this will bring about reduced inequalities and thus, higher literacy.

Production and consumption affect climate change. And for SUSTAINABLE CITIES AND COMMUNITIES to be a reality, CLIMATE ACTION, LIFE BELOW WATER, and LIFE ON LAND have to be key goals to focus on.

Provision of affordable basic social amenities is a priority.

Production and consumption should be regulated as they have an effect on climate and the environment. They both affect lives on land and in water and this has cumulative effects on general health and well-being.

Earth is our home; don’t treat it like it’s Uranus.

Furthermore, with DECENT WORK AND ECONOMIC GROWTH providing gainful employment, it will also increase Per Capita Income. This can be achieved by putting in place and improving INDUSTRY, INNOVATION, AND INFRASTRUCTURE.

Modern slavery, human trafficking, and illegal migration will reduce and crime will then be replaced with employment.

In like manner, CLEAN WATER AND SANITATION and AFFORDABLE AND CLEAN ENERGY are double possibilities. Achieving these will preserve the natural ecosystem. RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION AND PRODUCTION will also reduce air, water, and soil pollutions, and enhance agriculture.

With reduced pollution to air, water, and soil, GOOD HEALTH AND WELL-BEING is again ensured. And for good health to be sustained, it means ‘NO POVERTY’ and ‘ZERO HUNGER’ are activated.

It is no surprise seeing ‘no poverty’ and ‘zero hunger’ rank tops on the sustainable development goals list.

Well-being is also affected by decent work and availability of basic amenities in cities and communities.

And now, poverty that has caused so much inhibition and hunger can be dealt with before or by 2030.

No society is productive working on empty stomachs.

You see the connection? We can creatively and collectively achieve the sustainable development goals before or by the year 2030.

The PARTNERSHIP FOR THE SUSTAINABLE GOALS requires all hands on deck regardless of ethnicity and location. These goals are a universal language and they touch us all directly and indirectly.

The sustainable goals are divided (into 17) and it’s time to unite and conquer the division.

The achievement of these sustainable development goals will bring stability to world migration, business, schooling, and tourism.


The world was created by creativity and by it, the world will be sustainably preserved and handed down to generations unborn.

These goals are achievable but will be mere dreams without actionable plans and commitment to make them a reality.

Find detailed information and statistics on the UNDP site.

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