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Sustainable Cities and Communities: Goal 112 min read

Sustainable Cities and Communities goal is the 11th item on the Sustainable Development Goals list.

More than half of the world population will be living in urban areas in 2050. Rural to urban and international migration is rising every day and this has put a strain on the amenities in cities.

Extreme poverty is also concentrated in urban spaces. Crimes have been recorded more in cities than rural areas.

So sustainable development cannot be a reality without adequately handling the challenges and transforming the limited land resources we have.


The explosive growth of cities in developing countries, coupled with increasing rural to urban migration, has led to population increase in mega-cities.

Concentrated poverty in urban areas and government’s struggle to accommodate the rising population in these areas is a reality. There are barely enough safe and affordable houses. The public transportation systems in overpopulated cities can barely serve. This, in turn, has affected green public areas since there is not enough land to earmark for such purpose.


  • Ensure access for all to adequate, safe and affordable housing and basic services by 2030
  • Provide access to safe and affordable, accessible transport systems for all and also improving road safety
  • Also, enhance inclusive and sustainable urbanization and capacity for integrated and sustainable human settlement in especially developing countries
  • Strengthen efforts to protect and safeguard the world’s cultural and natural heritage by earmarking them as green areas
  • Significantly reduce the number of deaths and the people affected by decreasing the direct economic losses relative to world disasters, including water-related disasters like flood
  • Reduce the adverse per capita environmental impact on cities, including paying special attention to air quality and other waste management practices
  • By 2030, provide universal access to safe and accessible, green and public spaces, in particular for women and children, older persons and persons with disabilities among other goals


  • Construction and maintenance of properly channelled drainage systems with regular sanitation can check waste management
  • Provision of basic social amenities in the rural areas will help to relieve the stress of the already-strained resources in urban settlements. This will stabilize rural and urban migrations.
  • Efficient waste management can also deal with the issue of blocked drainages causing flooding
  • Better and alternative form of transportation for city commuting. The use of bicycles can also cut down air pollution
  • Developing housing schemes for safety and affordability both in rural and urban settlements will stabilize migration
  • Earmarking green public spaces when planning rural and urban development will also preserve natural sites


Sustainable Cities and Communities is a huge influence on Decent Work and Economic Growth. It also has a huge effect on Quality Education, and even Industry and Infrastructure.

You can find detailed information and statistics on the UNDP site.

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