Stuck – The Book: Finding a Way Out

Have you ever felt like despite all the effort you have put in you are not going as far as you should?

Do you feel like your results in career, business, organization, and life are not commensurate with the effort you have put in?

Are you ‘going in circles’?

If you have ever felt this way or still feel so it is understandable. We have all been there at some point where we felt like we’ve done all we could.

But, there is still more can do. At times you need to be impersonal about that feeling, take a break from it all and have a fresh look at the issue it seems you are going round and round about.

And to help you do that, my friend Oluseun Oyeleke and I took some time off to:

  • Discuss
  • Come up with reasons why people may get stuck
  • Proffer possible solutions to help with getting unstuck

And from all that and more came the book STUCK!

We shared personal and impersonal experiences in the book to connect with readers and make sure everyone who reads it goes home with something to apply practically…

Get up and get out of the mud sinking you! You’ve got somewhere you need to be. Get unstuck and get moving.

We hope you enjoy the book and more coming…

If you get to download and read the book do let us know by dropping a comment below about the book and what you gleaned from it. You can also send a feedback email to

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