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Partnership for the goals itself is the 17th goal on the Sustainable Development Goals list. From ‘No Poverty’ to ‘Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions’, it is one goal that is a priority in achieving every other goal in between.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – AFRICAN PROVERB

From creating awareness to creating safe and environment-friendly products. And from Akon Lighting Africa to Elon Musk manufacturing electric cars, we all have individual and collective roles to play.

Working with the Bill Gate Foundation-Sesame team in 2011 was an experience for me.

Essentially, we advocated healthier practices relating to sanitation and hygiene, especially among children. And guardians in low-resource communities outside the main municipal area around Abuja, Nigeria were not left out.

As such, latrine usage, wearing footwear when defaecating, handwashing, safe water collection and purification practices, and improved waste disposal practices were addressed appropriately.

So, the objectives were specifically to improve sanitation and hygiene knowledge, attitude, and practices among children and caregivers.

Essentially, partnership for the goals requires individual and collective efforts.

In the northern Philippines, the small city of San Fernando is controlling waste by composting and recycling garbage. This has also prevented waste from dumping into rivers and flowing out to sea.

This is a huge step in Southeast Asia, where millions of tons of plastic wash into the ocean every year.

Tunisia has similarly banned plastic bags in supermarkets.

San Francisco is likewise close to achieving its goal for zero waste and becoming a leader in the United States.

China, among others, was awarded for its strong measures to curb desertification in recent years. It is also the first country in the world to issue a law on prevention and control of desertification in 2002. And they are also embarking on a massive tree-planting project.

Among others, Nigeria is commended for eradicating polio and fighting Ebola. and the list goes on…

partnership for the goals



the goal here is basically to:

  • Enhance regional and international cooperation and access to science, technology, and innovation and also enhance knowledge sharing
  • Promote the development and diffusion of environmentally sound technologies especially to developing countries among others


  • Strengthen domestic resource mobilization, including international support to developing countries
  • Mobilize additional financial resources for developing countries from multiple sources and help manage their debt
  • And basically, make developing societies more safe to foster and promote investment opportunities

Capacity building

Partnership for the goals also include enhancing international support for capacity-building in developing countries


  • Promote a universal, rules-based, open, non-discriminatory and equitable multilateral trading system under the World Trade Organization
  • Increase exports of developing countries, with a view to doubling the least developed countries’ share of global exports by 2020 and
  • Basically, enhance international trading

Systemic issues

Policy and institutional coherence

  • Enhance policy coherence and respect each country’s policy, space, and leadership to establish and implement policies for sustainable development

Multi-stakeholder partnerships

  • Particularly, enhance global partnership for sustainable development among others


These sustainable development goals are possible with worldwide cooperation, partnership, and strong commitment.

Innovative policies, strong institutions, financial incentives, as well as outreach and education are all effective tools in addressing these goals.

Let’s join hands around the world and transform our planet into a better place and leave a legacy for the generations to come.The world is more interconnected today than we ever know.

Find detailed information on the UNDP site.

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