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just do it

Just do it, man! You’ve waited too long. There’ll never be a more perfect time than now.

Stop thinking about what you don’t have, what could go wrong, and start thinking about what could go right. You’ve got all it takes. Just start. Do it! It will not be more perfect until you start on it and perfect it.

It will be done whether you do it or not. So why not be the person to do it?

Dump the excuses and the fear and just do it!

Take the leap of faith and take the risk you are meant to. Do that thing your future self will thank you for. Regardless of how you feel, if it has to be done then do it.

Life responds to those who do. Just do it!

Comparatively, the pain of the regret of not doing it is worse than the pain of making a mistake while doing it.

The opportunities we see today won’t all be seen tomorrow. They’ll either be grabbed or become harder tomorrow. The terms and conditions don’t remain the same.

  • Walk across the room and say Hi
  • Sit down and write that book
  • Step in the booth and sing that song
  • Pop that question too
  • Inasmuch as your heart is pounding, go on that stage
  • You are equally shy, so what?
  • Start that business
  • Grab the mic and crack those jokes

Do you know what it took others to just do it? The cave you fear to enter holds your treasure. Don’t be afraid to stand up and go for what you deserve.

Do the necessary… As a matter of fact, Do You

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