Improvement: The Largest Room

The largest room in the world is truly the room for improvement.

Whatever you do and however good you are you can always be better at it. 

The world and circumstances are ever changing. And to meet up with that change is the need to improve. Your best yesterday may not match the change of today efficiently.

But improvement will always need a room – a room for extra, a room to fail, enough space to practice and experiment to become better. 

Are you a business man/woman, a singer, musician, comedian, athelete, entertainer? Do you own or run an organization? Have you ever been dissatisfied with life and you know you want more, can be and do more?

Being open and admitting that you are not perfect in an area and you are inadequate sets you up for improvement. Yes. At times you have to admit that you want more to have more.

And that of course means creating room for that ‘more’ you want…

How Do I Leave Room for Improvement?

Give yourself room to improve. It is a mental thing first. Tell yourself, “I can improve and do better. And I believe that.” This is the first step to take before you are actually conditioned to actually taking the action that gets you better.

Don’t be afraid to fail. You must be willing to give it a try and fall if it comes to that. Don’t be afraid to get laughed at when you goof. When you lose the fear of failure then you are ready to enter the arena of improvement and get better.

Try new things. Try things that you have never done before or you were afraid of initially. Are you afraid of heights? Well, you can go bungee-jumping once and see how that feels like.

Do you dread standing in front of an audience to give a speech? Do it! Even if it’s a minute-long testimony in church.

See things differently. Life is all about perspective. And your position or where you stand determines what you see. If you change your stand, your perspective will change. ANd then you will have a better understanding of the difference and how best to approach a matter. 

Go further. You use to go 1 mile? Go 1.5 miles now. Your competition goes 2 miles? Then go 4 miles! Go beyond. You have to go beast and do better than you then you can beat them.

Be the first to show up and the last to leave…

One at a time. One degree at a time. A step at a time. A responsibility at a time. One word at a time. One song at a time. A race at a time. One dime put away… Just one… And the accumulated improvement will amaze you.

We have so much room for improvement. Every aspect of our lives must be subjected to an inventory… of how we are taking responsibility – Nancy Pelosi

Be the best version of you in your career, business, organization and life. Be the best.

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