Hope: The Idea May Not Look Like It At First

FAITH, HOPE & LOVE are indeed the strongest forces in the world.

Faith is calling forth that which isn’t as if it were until it manifests.

Faith is creativity; believing in something powerfully enough to act about bringing it into reality and keeping at it until it manifests.

Even when others don’t see what you see you know that there is a potential in the idea you are nursing until it is finally birthed.

When we find ideas at first, they don’t look like what we finally turn them into until we see a flicker of HOPE in that scraggy idea.

And WORKING with LOVE we patiently tend the brainchild until it matures.

Some ideas that we come across are not originally ours. But because they have been abandoned by their first owners and labelled as bad we pick them up and polish them until the original owners wish they never threw it/them away.

It takes a wild imagination to see what others don’t see and creativity to do what others abandon.

HOPE, a kid labelled a witchcraft property and abandoned somewhere in SE Nigeria is no different. He found LOVE in the eyes of Anja Ringgren Loven who nurtured him back to life. She saw something others didn’t see.

She gave a hopeless kid hope…

Ideas don’t come fully formed. And there is NOTHING like a bad idea. But when the time of such an idea comes nothing can stop it from flourishing.


Time, patience, and the right environment are key. Never give up hope on the idea you are nurturing. Because mighty forces come to our aid to help nourish our ideas to flourish…

Hope lies in dreams, in imagination, and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality – Jonas Salk

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