labour day 2019

Happy Labour Day 2019

Happy Labour Day to all the hard workers all around the world today. May 1 is dedicated to all the people grinding on something to make it happen.

This beautiful day also known as International Workers’ Day. So it is set aside to celebrate the people who belong to the working class in society.

Not everybody in this class gets paid what they deserve. Neither is their welfare up to par. Still, they’ve kept doing the work and playing their roles to move our society forward.

Most have gone months on end without pay. But still somehow managed to sustain themselves and the people who depend on them.

To those who have laboured to bring us to where we are today, may their labour not be in vain.

Happy Labour and International Workers’ Day to all the creatives, all the business owners, to everyone that belongs to an organization and those who labour to achieve positive results in leadership.

And a happy new month to you and yours. Have a great month of May.

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