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Elephants are the biggest living land mammals on Earth. And the African bull elephant is the biggest of them all – the Giants of Africa!

Adults measure between 8 to 13 feet from shoulder to toe and weigh between 2,000 to 6,000 kg. They live and survive in the lush greens of sub-Saharan and West Africa.

They’ve got the biggest brains to match their size too. That is why they don’t forget to remember. The gentle giants also have the patience to match large listening ears.

Elephants can smell water sources far away. They can dig into dry stream beds and other spots to uncover water that is below the surface. This not only provides water for them but for other animals also.

When it becomes too dry, they go scout for water where they perceive it. At times this means travelling long distances to get it.

And in the process, these gentle giants are attacked by predators away from their homes and in other lands where they’ve gone to drink from.

But how is it possible that these big bulls are brought down?

Attacks and ambushes are successful when the predators isolate the bull, cow, or calf. Or better still if they are already isolated!

Normally, you get stomped if you dare to attack a united herd of African elephants!

Sadly the elephants, at times, are also sold, held in captivity, and even poached for their precious tusks…

Two amazing facts about these giants is that they snooze for about only 2 hours in the wild plus they can sleep intermittently while standing! No matter what, they don’t sleep long!

But what is really happening to this very one?

Why has this giant of Africa slept so long that ants and spiders have infested its trunk?

giant of africa


Nigeria… the pride of Africa. The largest black nation in the world! Blessed with the lush green of nature and fertile lands where agriculture thrives. Once described as the happiest people on earth.

Has produced some of the intelligent and best brains in the world in all spheres and walks of life. Even the smartest family in the UK.

Once a formidable opponent in soccer and other forms of sports.

They survive in any condition even in the harshest economic situations with non-payment of salaries! They’ve got strong survival instincts and can perceive and go for opportunities no matter how far they lie.

They stand tall and distinguished…doing it big everywhere they go.

The giant of Africa. Now slumbering and disrespected.


How come Nigeria has slept for this long? Why have we not woken up to our true potentials?

And how come Nigerians are easily killed and slaved away in a country like Libya because they are looking for greener pastures?

How come Nigerians are xenophobically attacked in South Africa and nothing happens?

When and how did Nigeria become an object of ridicule and labelled ‘fantastically corrupt’?

Why is the green passport ‘specially’ stepped aside during checks across borders?

How has the land become so dry that elephants are looking for greener pastures and water elsewhere?

What has happened to the once green lush where there was Unity and one-ness, Faith in God and country, Peace in the land, and Progress?

Why have we refused to cut the ropes like a circus elephant tied to a tree? How long do we continue to believe that those mental ropes can hold us down when they can’t?


Lack of Unity has torn Nigeria along geo-political and ethno-religious lines. And Faith has turned to dust due to continuously broken and unfulfilled promises.

In a land where Peace no longer reigns, how will there be Progress?

How will this elephant proudly trumpet without the motto on which it stands?

Until we wake from our slumber, stand up, unite and stomp our feet and break away from every limiting mentality, ants will continue to crawl into our trunk under our nose!

Until we unite and pull out the roots of passivity and corruption we will continue to suffer the consequences home and abroad. Too long have we bowed our exalted tusks in shame.

But, the time has come for Nigeria to take its rightful place among the league of nations…

I hear a gentle giant awake from its slumber with loud trumpeting and stomping of feet. I see a heavyweight breaking free and charging forth!

One day the true green of the land lying fallow will bloom again and the elephants will return home to feast on their own soil… when the rains of true change fall.

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