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A young boy grew up craving to play basketball. He had no basketball kit to play with. Neither did he have the skills. All he had was the passion and all he wanted was to play someday. He always stopped by basketball courts to watch the game and he studied the moves. Keenly, he observed the supposed best players and learned. He told his family and friends about his love and intention to play basketball.

He had it in him and soon they began to see it in him. Sooner than expected he got a pair of fairly used trainers from his mum plus shorts and a vest. He was so excited and continued watching more live and recorded matches. Soon enough his dad got him a Spalding ball and he started practising to shoot at home. He got a hoop constructed and hung where he practised shooting. As often as he could, he practised – morning, afternoon, and night. In his sleep and on the road, even without the ball, he gestured his practices.

He went to the basketball court as often as he could and requested to play. Occasionally, he got turned down because he was still an amateur. But he wasn’t deterred by the rejections. Instead, he got more motivated to practice harder. The more he practised, the better he got. With the skills also came better basketball trainers, vest, and shorts.

Friends and family saw the talent grow and they supported him in every way they could. They went to watch him during practices. They cheered him when he was dribbling on the court and encouraged him both on and off the court. He started growing into the player he always dreamt of becoming and looked out for more opportunities to play.

Teams that ignored him before began to ask him to play on their team. He played on and got cheered from the sidelines by his cheerleaders. These were his family and friends who always put in a cent whenever they could. His cheerleaders were there when he was down. His cheerleaders were there when he felt like not playing. They gave him strength…

“Entrust your dreams and goals to people who will cheer you on and inspire you, who will tell you what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear so you can move forward and fast track.” ― Rachael Bermingham


Firstly, cheerleaders play important roles in the performance of players. They don’t just get players motivated and excited but they also cheer the player(s) to victory.

They are the player’s number one fans and believers motivating them to greater heights and to victory. They are there even when no one sees or hear about them. Some just watch you while others are noticeable.

They keep the players on their toes. Anytime I see a call or chat from a ‘cheerleader’, and there is something I am yet to do, I feel ‘guilty’ answering even though it may be for something different. Cheerleaders initiate others to participate in encouraging you to be better and do better.

Anytime you feel discouraged, you hear their voice in your head encouraging you.They remind you of the greater end you shared with them about your goal. This creates an ignition that pushes you back in the game. They remind you why you started and how far you have come and what you have come for – to win!

Cheerleaders are spirit raisers. When you are down they lift your spirit. They are your ambassadors. Your cheerleaders represent and recommend you. They see strength and potentials in you that you may not be aware of. We all need cheerleaders in life.


I started back in the year 2009. We used to go to Radio Benue to have fun on air and pop jokes. At the same time, I started anchoring events and going for shows with my comedian friend Enenche Obonyilo. I also wrote skits and advert copies and stashed most away. At a point, I was madly in love with animation that I couldn’t wait to finish studies to delve into it properly. I kept writing…

I started writing posts and submitting to other blogs and stashing my own articles and topics I wanted writing about before personal articles on went live this time the previous year. I have always wanted expressing myself and I knew I had to whether I was given a platform or not. To be able to moderate my own materials and have my own opinions about subjects that I love was my goal also. I lent my voice with the microphone and via the phone. My phone at a point was my megaphone where I broadcasted from.

I wrote and shared motivational content. I continued to MC events, create creative content, and consult. And I have also learnt to build websites for personal and businesses purposes over time.

Its one year already after hosting this site to go live with blogging and showcasing my services. From trying to fix a broken Mac and a slow PC and eventually typing almost all articles with a phone… these and many more ‘excuses’ could have stopped me from blogging and putting in my best. I am still on the road to perfection and have felt like giving up more than once. But my cheerleaders…they have been too supportive to ignore what I do. They’ve believed in my abilities too much for me to quit.


Having family and friends cheer you to win is one of the greatest feelings. I wouldn’t have made it this far and this fast without their encouragement and support. It’ll be ungrateful of me not to acknowledge them and everyone who has pushed me and also recommended me.


I no longer watch who is watching but do my best regardless of the size of the audience knowing that I have people out there cheering me on. To my brothers and friends especially David Malcolm I, Kelvin Ochi and Jennifer Mayah, I say thank you.

Let’s make more impact, more influence, and more Income.

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