before you die

Before You Die, Live…

I Died… Almost

Jan 3 2019 – I blacked out. It was all nothing but blackness. I didn’t go toward the light thankfully.

It’s one of the days I will always remember…

Back up a few days

I had just returned from a round trip on Jan 1, 2019 back to Abuja after crossing over into the new year.

Previously, I had been on the road for most part of the Yuletide. Everything was fine and I didn’t feel sick, no headaches, no symptoms of illness or anything like that.

I just felt tired and thought it normal to be so after travelling for that length of time without good rest or sleep.

On the evening of Jan 3rd, I was called to the dining to munch. I washed my hands and started lumping some bolus down. I hadn’t gone half of the plate when I started feeling like something wasn’t right.

I suddenly didn’t feel good but didn’t show it.

I tried reaching for the drumstick in the soup but no appetite. Trying to wash my hands was the last thing I remember.


Next thing, I regained consciousness and was gasping for breath while surrounded by family. They were all praying and sprinkling water on me to regain consciousness.

My breathing became normal again and I was led to the bathroom to have a shower.

I still don’t remember how I managed to shower by myself but I slept like a baby afterwards.

I had to go for a medical check and took it easy from then on.

And that is life – one minute you’re fine and kicking, the next you’re just gone in a blink!

I have hopes of living a long and fulfilled life. But so did the people who have passed too. We have high hopes for the morrow but we are not guaranteed to see it.

I guess I had a second chance at life. But not everybody does.

And that kept one question popping in my head while I recovered – “What if I had died? What if I just didn’t ‘wake’ again? What would have been my legacy that I left behind? What would the world remember me for? What do I want to pour myself into before I die?”

I got back on my feet again and I told myself

NO MORE boundaries.

Take the edges off.

NO MORE boxes.

NO MORE contemplating and holding back.

If it is worth it I’m going for it without regrets.

I want to live a life I will remember and will be remembered for.

How about you? What do you want to do this year? What do you want to be remembered for? You don’t have all the time – go get and live the life you want and dream of. Start today; start now.

The saddest summary of a life contains three descriptions: could have, might have, and should have. – Louis E. Boone

What do you really want to do before kick the bucket? Then get your bucket list ready.

Before you die…

Execute that idea. Don’t let it die with you. Make sure you die empty. Go and start making and checking your bucket list.

That podcast, blog, website, book, app – start it, get it up, write and develop it.

The gift and talent God gave you, use it.

That business idea you have been nurturing, get on it.

You want to start a profit or non- profit organization? So what are you waiting for?

Understand that whether you do it or not, you will pass and someone else will do it. In the end, don’t regret the chances you did not take. Don’t wait for a certain time. There is no time certain. Start your dream now!

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