affordable and clean energy

Affordable and Clean Energy2 min read

Affordable and Clean Energy comes in at number on the list of Sustainable Development Goals.

One in every five people, lack access to modern electricity. And 3 billion people rely on wood, coal, charcoal or animal waste for cooking and heating.


People still rely on wood and other sources of energy as they don’t have access to both renewable and non-renewable energy sources.

But the energy generated is the dominant contributor to climate change. And this accounts for around 60 percent of total global greenhouse gas emissions.

Furthermore, fossil fuel is depleting and gas emission is equally stressing and harming the natural ecosystem.

The carbon intensity of energy has to be reduced. As a matter of facts, this is a key objective in long-term climate goals.


Some of the goals desired to be achieved include:

  • Ensuring universal access to affordable, reliable, and modern energy services by 2030
  • Substantially increasing the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix by 2030
  • Doubling the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency for affordable and clean energy
  • By 2030, enhance international cooperation to facilitate access to clean energy research and technology, including renewable energy, energy efficiency and advanced and cleaner fossil-fuel technology
  • Promoting investment in clean energy infrastructure and technology
  • Expanding and upgrading infrastructure and technology for supplying modern and sustainable energy services. Especially, for all in developing countries, and in particular, least developed countries, small island developing States, and land-locked developing countries by 2030


  • Encourage diversification into renewable sources of energy as it will help preserve the ecosystem. Africa is blessed with an abundance of renewable and clean energy sources. And it needs to harness and use each and every one of them.
  • Investing in hydro-electric power generation
  • Tap into wind energy electricity production and
  • Invest more in solar farms as especially Africa has the sun’s energy in excess to harness

These and more will help to:

  • Cut global warming and reduce air pollution
  • Create new jobs and industries within the energy sector
  • Diversify power supply and backup
  • Decrease dependence on coal and other fossil fuels and also
  • Move the world toward a cleaner, and healthier future

affordable and clean energy


The possibility of clean and affordable energy demands personal and collective efforts.

Akon is Lighting up AfricaShell, and others are doing their best. But more can still be done to make clean energy available and affordable.

Morocco is cutting down greenhouse gas emission by setting up a bicycle rental and it is the first of its kind in Africa. They also have a Green Energy Park for solar energy.


By 2030 the goal to achieve affordable, reliable, and renewable energy is possible.

Responsible Consumption and Production and Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure have an influence on affordable and clean energy.

Furthermore, this goal, if achieved will also have a positive impact on Climate and Health generally.

Find detailed information and statistics on the UNDP site.

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