Hi! I’m Kingsley Ochi a.k.a NeuroKing.

I’m a zany createpreneur that couches creative wisdom
and compelling brainchild motivation with unusual jocose – I’m left and right brained.

I blend Creativity, Motivation, and Wisdom with Humor.

I MC events | I create ideas | I motivate.

Though a graduate of Chemistry, I’m an events MC, creative content creator/consultant, motivational speaker/writer, orienteur, and humorist.

I love travelling, sharing practical knowledge, awakening minds, learning and sharing life lessons through storytelling and analogies as I journey through life expressing my essence and exploring creativity with its infinite applications. The mic and the pen are my pals.

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever” is one of my strongest philosophies. Understanding that life is a flicker keeps me on my toes to maximize every resource within and learn from the mistakes and success of others and personal experiences as I unleash my inner child to be the best I can be.

I believe that if you’re not given a platform to express gift(s) and talent(s), build one for yourself! The world needs what you’ve got. This site was borne from the need to overcome perfectionism and start shedding the burden of multi-talent and help others do same as we push the Global Creativity Index through the roof especially in Nigeria.

“Like a ray of light passing through the prism of life, we are to shine through the world with a beautiful spectra of colours as we exit”NeuroKing.

I believe that life is too short to go through every experience first hand before learning and getting it right. The purpose of this platform is to share unusual creativity and provoking motivation to impact and influence for productivity by every means necessary.

I’m here to push individuals, businesses, and organizations beyond the boundaries of creativity.

“And in the beginning God created…” therefore I also create (ideas). Creativity is the beginning of every successful career, business, and life.

From every story shared, there are lessons to be learnt. I believe that everything around us teach if we are open to learning. Unleash the power of creativity in your career, business, and life.

To impact and influence individuals, careers, businesses, and organizations through creative motivation and wisdom even if I have to tickle it out…

I don’t just do what I do but I help others – individuals, businesses, companies, organizations – bridge creativity and reality for maximum productivity.

I am a Creative Entrepreneur. I’m a Shift Disturber. I am the dots-connector. I am NeuroKing.

I Bridge Creativity and Reality for Productivity.

Currently, I reside in Abuja, Nigeria from where I travel to where my services are needed.

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