A Dewdrop from Heaven: A Poem1 min read


A dewdrop from heaven
Precipitated to earth
A crystal-clear drop from above
Let down in the morning

Formed before the first ray of dawn
Like a fresh dew on a rose’s petal
Dropped close to the rose’s thorn
From the skies to Earth

I fall to the dark dirt
Slowly and gently I sank
Into the brown dusty road of life
Dirt-stained I still make my way down

Together with my misty kind
I helplessly drown away
Tumbled and rock bottomed
From the stream to the deep ocean

Into the belly of the fish
Desolate with bone scraps
In the dark with nothing to hold on to
But hope in waiting

Days and nights went by
Finally, I’m free again
As I bubble up to the top
As the waves of life wash me

From the sharks to the plankton
Finally, I’m free from the belly of the fish
And up I came from the whale hole
With a bubble of freedom from below

And unto the sun-smiled ocean
Again I rise higher
Above the deep and dark waters
Back to where I came

Coursing my way back home
Rising up to the silver clouds
To where the rainbow sleeps
Over the lightning-flashed horizon

Where we meet all meet again
A silver glint on the cloud
Where I begin the journey again
As a dewdrop from heaven to earth…

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